Cristo Rey Corporate Internship Program

Chesapeake Contracting Group is proud to partner with Cristo Rey Jesuit High School and participate in the Corporate Internship Program. Cristo Rey's Corporate Internship Program (CIP) provides students the opportunity to learn and grow through entry-level jobs at businesses and non-profits throughout the Baltimore area. The CIP works alongside the Class of 2022 to help them master the elements of success in school, in the workplace, and in life. With their hard work and dedication, students strive daily to represent the four elements of success: Enthusiasm, Patience, Determination and Passion.

Chesapeake Contracting had the pleasure of welcoming Tobias to the CCG team this year! Tobias works at the Reisterstown office five full days each month to gain an understanding of the construction industry. When he's not at school or CCG, Tobias loves to play football with his friends. At just 14 years old, Tobias has big dreams of becoming an engineer after graduation - and CCG is excited to help him get there.

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