Proactively Preparing Your Construction Site for the Winter Season

It is hard to believe that another winter season is upon us! While we may not be ready for the inclement weather, it is very important that our construction sites are so that we can minimize unforeseen costs and schedule delays. There are several simple ways to proactively prepare our sites for winter construction.

1. Temporary Roads and Walkways.

A neat and organized construction site is key to its success – especially during the trying winter months. The contractor must enforce a network of temporary roads to facilitate the construction traffic. Clean access points to / from temporary roads for foot traffic should be provided to all buildings under construction. Containing the traffic flow to specific areas of the job site will minimize the amount of soil that is disrupted by vehicles and heavy equipment, and will also keep the buildings under construction cleaner and safer.

2. Grading and Positive Drainage.

Sites that contain exposed subgrade through the winter months should be neatly graded and rolled / sealed to provide positive drainage. Disruption to the graded areas should be kept to a minimum, particularly once the freeze / thaw cycle begins, to avoid ponding and contamination of the subgrade. Sites that are improperly maintained through the winter months run the risk of substantial and costly undercut operations once the weather is conducive to further development.

3. Safeguarding Pipes.

If there is active water on the construction site, it is extremely important to safeguard the pipes. Where possible, interior spaces should be closed off and temporary heat / power should be provided to avoid the freezing of live plumbing. If heat tracing and / or insulation is necessary in unconditioned areas, or at the exterior, it is important that qualified subcontractors perform the installations and periodic maintenance.

Chesapeake Contracting Group is a value-added commercial general contractor that offers creative planning and solutions to reduce winter construction costs and ensure a successful project.


Chris Smith
Senior Project Manager
Chesapeake Contracting Group

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