CCG EDGE Internship Program

Are you a construction management, engineering or business major looking for a rewarding internship experience?

Chesapeake Contracting Group's EDGE Internship Program is the ideal path to grow and learn from the best in the construction industry.

E - Experiencing the construction industry.

D - Develop skills and knowledge.

G - Grow professionally and personally.

E - Explore a network of construction professionals.

The CCG EDGE goal is to provide students with opportunities that will provide real life experiences to help supplement their academic knowledge with practical experience.

An in depth look at our industry will give students the chance to broaden their skills while growing professionally and personally.

With this Internship program, we want to help students determine an appropriate career path, and ultimately prepare them for a professional career in construction.

By immersing them in all aspects of our industry, we want our Interns to gain professional, technical, and social skills by participating in the company’s day-to-day operations.

They will get real, hands-on experience by taking on job roles such as estimating, field supervision, and project management by working alongside professionals in their respective positions.

We are currently seeking summer 2019 interns. Please apply via the Careers page.