About Chesapeake

Approaching Every
Project With Passion
Since 1979

Leading For 40+ Years

At Chesapeake, we prioritize our clients and operate with a strong set of values and purpose. Through our proven processes and people-first approach, count on our collaborative approach to deliver great client experiences and exceptional construction solutions.

Our History

A Track Record
Of Success

We built our business like we construct your buildings: with expert care,
lots of effort, and attention to detail. We’ve been focused on quality and craft
since day one, and we’ve grown and succeeded by always focusing on
collaboration, open communication, and good people.


In 1979, Bobby Ginsberg founded Chesapeake Contracting Group. There were only two other associates at the time. Chesapeake’s first projects consisted of renovating row homes in Federal Hill.


Over the next two decades, Chesapeake would focus on expanding its portfolio and investing in top-notch talent to become a trusted leader in the industry.


Today, Chesapeake is recognized as a versatile and visionary Builder in the Mid-Atlantic and Research Triangle regions backed by award-winning projects and over four decades of building experience. We offer our clients an expansive suite of construction solutions, and we’re proud to have built a brand that is synonymous with adaptability, trust, and transparency.

Core Values

Like The Foundation
Of A Building…

Our core values are ESSENTIAL to everything we do. They define
us and keep us standing above the rest.

2023 Winner
Values in Action Respectful

This year’s well-deserved winner  of the Respectful award is Ray Patrick. Ray has been an integral part of our Chesapeake team for nearly 12 years, and in that time, he has consistently demonstrated a remarkable commitment to our core values. His unwavering dedication to respect, both in the workplace and beyond, is noticed by his coworkers, clients, and subcontractors. Ray is an excellent example of reliability and dependability. In addition to being a respected Superintendent, Ray is also genuinely well-liked by his fellow associates and serves as a role model to new team members entering the workplace.


2023 Winner
Values in Action Relentless

In her 10+ years at Chesapeake, Kaitlyn Allgood’s relentless pursuit of success is evident in her role as Controller. Often working behind the scenes, she ensures the smooth operation of our account department. Katlyn’s proactive approach to professional growth and her unwavering commitment to our company’s financial health make her an invaluable asset. As a working mom, she exemplifies resilience, successfully balancing her professional and personal responsibilities. Kaitlyn’s dedication to excellence, both in her role and personal life, embodies the true spirit of the Relentless core value.


2023 Winner
Values in Action Responsible

Margeaux Ward, Senior Estimator, is a tremendous asset to the Chesapeake organization. She consistently demonstrates a positive outlook with an “I can do it” mentality. In her first full year of employment, Margeaux led the most bid efforts for the Pre-Construction Department with a strong record of success. She accomplished that goal while leading her teams respectfully, efficiently, and effectively through our process and gaining praise by her peers and clients. No matter the quantity of tasks, she is deliberate in ensuring that the job is done right and done on time. Her relentless pursuit for our collective success is a testament to her reputation, her value in relationships, and her high level of responsibility. 

2023 Winner
Values in Action Reputation

Bob Huff, Superintendent, consistently demonstrates reputation within safety and quality of hi jobsites. He sets clear expectations with subcontractors and hold them accountable throughout the entirety of a project. Her has created a strong reputation for himself and Chesapeake with all of our valued trade partners. He sets everyone up for success and passes on his decade’s worth of experience to the next generation of builders. He also does so in a humerous, tough love way that makes his team way to work that little bit harder to meet his goals.


2023 Winner
Values in Action Relationships

Christopher Golden, Senior Project Manager, emulates the Relationships core value in everything he does within a project. He cares about you as a person first, and understand the stress that construction can cause on all parties. He restlessly pursues these relationships and often times has very strong personal connections to everyone that he works with. Not only does Chris maintain strong relationships with our trade partners and clients, he works diligently to pass those Relationships down to younger Chesapeake associates.


The Team Behind
The Work

Let’s Build.