This Is Why
Safety Matters

Safety Is No Accident

Safety is the concrete foundation that sits at the core of our work. We want everyone to come home every day just like they left in the morning—safe, sound, happy, and healthy.

OSHA Certified
Operations Team

Dedicated Safety

Associated Builders & Contractors
Platinum Safety Award Recipient

I work safely to ensure my actions or decisions don’t cause injury to myself or anyone else so that we all can go home each night to our families and loved one.

Kevin Wright, Senior Project Manager

I work safe so I can come home to the people I love and continue to build the life I always wanted. A life with adventure, a home filled with love and job with purpose.

Chelsea Vetick, Corporate Safety Manager

I work safely so that I can continue to travel and go on adventures with my friends and family!

Alex Pitts, Engineer

A big part of my job is risk management – there is a reason behind every rule! I do it for my family & yours.


Kaitlyn Allgood, Controller

All of our job sites follow rigorous safety protocols and are closely supervised.

We provide meaningful guidance, support, and training – and make sure everyone who comes to work is prepared for whatever comes their way. We promote best practices at every turn, and we work hard to eliminate any safety related issues that arise.

Ongoing Training

When new developments in safety procedures arise, we make sure you know what they are. We stay on top of safety developments and offer considerable training to ensure everyone on our team is on the same page.

Observe Best Practices

Safety comes first every day on every job site. That’s something we say again and again and again. We want to keep our team members aware of potential issues, keep awareness high, and keep everyone looking out for each other.

Consistency and Clarity

We foster open communication and collaboration between all our team members. This doesn’t just improve work and performance, it also ensures everyone follows the same core practices and procedures. Doing things the right way means doing things the safe way.

Let’s Build.