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Futures Built

When it comes to building schools and educational facilities, CCG always does our homework. We study the needs of students and educators, examine industry trends, and deliver dynamic, modern builds that get students excited about learning.

Our Work

Our educational construction is community-centered, student-focused, and process-driven. We renovate old schoolhouses, develop modern academic, athletic, and residence facilities; and construct a range of innovative learning environments.

Celebree School
The Young Schools
Fader Innovation Center
Marlene & Stewart Greenebaum Middle School
Little Eggs at Oxford Square
College of Health Professions
The Armory at Towson Row
TCC- WTMD (89.7)
Towson City Center

CCG Approach

It Always Starts With Fit

Construction is about more than bricks and steel—it’s about doing great work with good people. That’s why every project starts with relationships. We prioritize working with passionate collaborators who share our values, vision, and commitment to excellence.

Let’s Build.

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