Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator works under the leadership of our project managers to keep all parts of the project organized and running according to plan.  This is a critical project support position with a wide variety of responsibilities that support our construction leaders to get our customers’ projects completed safely, accurately and at the highest quality.

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee and manage project documentation and coordinate documentation revisions and distributions.
  • Develop, distribute, track all correspondence related to the project documents – subcontract agreement and exhibits, drawings, specifications, addenda, bid RFI responses, bid qualifications, etc. 
  • Prepare standard project status reports for project delivery team or work group, client and management. Reports typically include: status update, budget, schedule and risk.
  • Enter project information data (i.e. project status updates, schedule updates, cash flow forecasts) and project documentation into project management technology tools (software applications, web-based tools, job cost accounting tools).
  • Development of the required submittal within Procore, track workflow during the submittal process and work with appropriate team members to review and approve/edit as necessary by reviewing the project specifications and identifying what is required for submission.
  • Review and processes documentation for project commitments (i.e. Agreements, Contracts, Work Authorizations, Purchase Orders).
  • Work with accounting and support staff to ensure all compliance documents are received and processed. Work with project team members to ensure initial compliance documents are obtained prior to subcontractor’s first day onsite.
  • Assists in project close-out procedures for all projects including: arranging archiving of hard copy files; receipts of necessary close out/turnover documents; compliance with close-out checklist; coordination of lien searches; receipt of occupancy and closed building permits and warranty manuals; 
  • Assists with project administration deliverables (i.e. meeting minutes; budget tracking; schedule updates; move management; closeout).

Required For Success

  • Associate’s Degree in Engineering, Construction Management or a related field preferred, or equivalent work experience.
  • 3+ years’ relevant construction or administrative support work experience. 
  • Strong problem solving, prioritization and organizational skills.
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Enjoys working independently and under direction of others, 
  • Ability to multitask and produce results within specified deadlines 
  • Proficient with office productivity software, including Microsoft Word and Excel. 

Equal Opportunity Employer

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