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Governor Plaza

February 15, 2023 | By Chesapeake Contracting Group | Project Update

CCG has mastered giving old retail centers new life with façade renovations. We understand that keeping your shopping center safe, welcoming and operational while renovating requires careful consideration and planning. Our decades of experience in the retail space means we have a nuanced understanding of getting the job done while keeping the doors open. Some of the ways we successfully accomplish these renovations include:

• Make sure patrons know where to go and how to get there. CCG uses visible wayfinding signage and fencing to easily navigate from store to store.
• Safety is paramount. A clean job is a safe job, but it also ensures that shoppers know your tenants are still open for business.
• We understand that back of house, such as loading docks and trash enclosures, needs to be accessible so your tenants can remain operational.
• CCG guarantees that there is minimal inconvenience to the shopping experience as possible. Sometimes renovations can impact lighting, handicap ramps and sidewalks; CCG mitigates this by building temporary handicap ramps or temporary wiring/feeds for adequate lighting.

CCG is currently under construction on multiple retail renovations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Pictured: Complete façade replacement and renovation of over 2,000 LF at Governor Plaza in Glen Burnie, MD.


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