Self Storage

Morningstar Woodberry Self Storage

Baltimore, md
Self Storage
New five (5) story 148,000 SF storage building (1,059 units). Steel Structure with a mix of EIFS/Metal Panel façade.
ClientKlein Enterprises/Morningstar Properties
ArchitectRemus Architecture
Services Provided
Environmental Services
New Construction
Site Development

Morningstar Self Storage is a new, 5-story, 148,000 SF storage building in Baltimore City. Located on Union Avenue, this 1,059 unit facility is a steel structure with a mix of EFIS and metal panel façade. Scope of work included existing building demolition, associated sitework and construction of the new space.

This historic site used to be home to the Schenuit Rubber Tire Factory in Woodberry, which manufactured tires for cars and trucks but was destroyed by fire in 1929. The site was also well-known for the Schenuit Rubber smokestack that could be seen from I-83. Now, this project serves as a landmark for the Woodberry historic district, with “Woodberry” painted alongside the building visible to Jones Fall Expressway.

Due to the multiple fires and building deterioration, a portion of the building collapsed prior to demolition. This event turned a 2-3 month scheduled demolition job into a 5 month process, having to treat all of the debris as possibly containing asbestos. The condemned building also meant it was too dangerous to do Phase 1 HAZMAT inspections.

While this site comes with a deep-rooted history, it also presented its own set of challenges. The site is hedged with the light rail system, Jones Falls stream, I-83 and the W 41st Street bridge. CCG handled these challenges by:
- Light Rail System: The light rail system ran adjacent to the building and at one corner was barely 10 feet from the existing building. Workers were required to be trained by the Maryland Transit Administration in order to work in close proximity to the tracks. CCG also required railroad insurance.
- Jones Falls Stream: CCG increased safety protocol when working in closer proximity to the stream, including fall protection barriers, OSHA requirements and placing life preservers along the wall in the event someone fell in. This was a top priority after large rainstorms, as the depth of the waters increased.
- I:83: In certain areas, the building is only a few feet away from the jersey barrier along Jones Falls Expressway. The building was designed to cantilever over the retaining wall that supports the foundation of the building. The facility was also intentionally designed to meet the limited size and shape of the lot.
- W 41st Street Bridge: The storage space is adjacent to the bridge. This close proximity required thoughtful consideration when lifting equipment with cranes.

CCG’s trade partners, ownership team and design professionals worked tirelessly to bring a beautiful storage facility to the historic and growing area of Woodberry

Chesapeake Contracting Group was a pleasure to partner with on this project. Their attention to detail, quality of work, and robust communication ensured a best-in-class project despite unique site complications and sensitive environmental considerations. We greatly appreciated their flexibility, creativity, and most importantly their honesty and transparency.

George Sarkes, Klein Enterprises