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Building a Reputation in the Automotive Industry

March 17, 2021 | By Chesapeake Contracting Group | Industry Highlight

As he celebrates the grand opening of the newly constructed Chantilly Porsche dealership, Chesapeake Contracting Group CEO Bobby Ginsberg reflects on the completion of the company’s 91st auto showroom. “Each project has been the culmination of great partnerships, from the owner and consultants to our valued trade partners.” Over the past 42 years, Chesapeake Contracting Group has produced automotive projects ranging from renovations to complete development and new construction. The firm has worked with over 25 manufacturers such as Toyota, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Porsche.

“We got our start in the automotive business in the early 1980’s starting with a body shop for Heritage Auto Group, known today as MileOne Automotive. Over the decades, the automotive business has evolved to become one of our most successful market sectors,” explained Ginsberg. “We are very fortunate to have ended up working with clients who have been dedicated to us from the very beginning.”

Building auto dealerships is an integral part of CCG’s business. “We have a comprehensive understanding and experience in the industry. We have established a reputation in the automotive world because we look out for the owner and believe in treating everyone fairly,” according to Ginsberg. “We realized early on that car dealers have a business to run and construction can be distracting, particularly when it comes to renovations. The more invisible we are, the better. The more planning and communication, the less interference and distraction for the client, allowing them more time to concentrate on their business.”

CCG’s position as a leading general contractor in the automotive industry is the result of CCG’s decades of experience in building. Focusing on quality, without compromising safety, budget, or schedule is paramount. The firm’s integrated project approach has enabled them to perform a wide range of projects in the industry. CCG moves beyond what is expected, involving a team approach that includes project managers and superintendents, engineers and architects who are highly skilled in balancing aesthetics and function to create dynamic spaces.

The automotive business is exciting and interesting because it offers an opportunity to build distinctive designs while incorporating defined brand guidelines, delivering dealerships that reflect the cars and the customers they represent. The new, 300,000 square-foot BMW of Rockville dealership in Montgomery County, MD is one of the most ambitious and innovative projects recently unveiled. Construction was completed in just 17 months and features 48 lifts, 2,500 tons of structural steel, joists, and decking and 625 structured parking spaces. Other projects currently under construction include the Jaguar Land Rover dealership, Alexandria, Virginia and Aston Martin Bentley dealership, Sterling, Virginia.

CCG’s efforts in the automotive industry have not gone unnoticed. Projects have been well-recognized by the Associated Builders & Contractors organization with Awards of Excellence and by GC Magazine for the “Best Car Dealership and Auto Showroom Contractors in the US” in the state of Maryland.

Over the past decade, the continued growth in demand for new and previously owned cars and evolving changes has made the automotive industry a major industrial and economic force worldwide. As the demand continues to climb so does the need for construction within the industry, and CCG will be ready for the next opportunity.

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