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Frank Settleman and Chesapeake Contracting Group Featured in Blueprint Magazine

February 24, 2023 | By Chesapeake Contracting Group | Industry Highlight

CCG President Frank Settleman was recently interviewed by Blueprint Magazine about Chesapeake’s outside the box approach and growth down south. “We work with our clients early in the process,” Settleman says. “We start pre-construction, which gives us the ability to procure materials quicker and, if necessary, find alternative materials that might be more readily available.” With our passion for building, we ask the thoughtful questions to get the job done. Our in-house experience gives us the leverage to find creative solutions and have a greater understanding of our projects.

That creativity applies to Chesapeake mitigating the labor shortage that has vexed so many competitors. For the next generation, CCG offers an internship program that provides a well-rounded education for understanding the business model. "We pride ourselves in growth opportunities" says Jessica Magin, Director of Human Resources. Frank is just one example of someone who learned about the construction industry from the ground up. He joined the company 26 years ago as a Project Manager and climbed the ladder to Presidency.

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