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CCG Awarded STEP Platinum by ABC Metro Washington

December 16, 2022 | By Chesapeake Contracting Group | Safety

Safety is the concrete foundation that sits at the core of work, and we are pleased to say that last week, CCG was awarded STEP Platinum By ABC Metro Washington. By utilizing the STEP System, CCG prioritizes the safety of all associates and valued trade partners to ensure everyone goes home safely each day because we want everyone to go home each day just like they left in the morning - safe, sound, happy and healthy.

STEP Platinum is awarded to companies that are 619% safer than the industry average. Receiving Platinum also requires contractors to be 25% below NAICS code average for total recordable incident rate. STEP was founded in 1989 and is now a world-class safety management system. Using a detailed questionnaire, participants can measure their safety process and policies with the goal of implementing and enhancing safety programs that reduce jobsite incidents.

At CCG, we promote best practices at every turn, and work hard to eliminate any safety-related issues that arise by making sure everyone who comes to work is prepared for whatever comes their way.

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