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The Path to Superintendent Success

April 26, 2024 | By Chesapeake Contracting Group | Thought Leadership

In the dynamic world of construction, Superintendents are integral to the success of a project.  At Chesapeake, our Superintendents work relentlessly with our Project Managers to execute our projects on time and under budget. They are the on-site supervisor responsible for overseeing the project in its entirety – from start to finish, Preconstruction to Turnover, blueprints to buildings- they are the boots on the ground. 

The Path to Becoming a Successful Superintendent

Our Superintendents are hands-on professionals, actively engaged in the field for approximately 70% of the time. Therefore, every day and every project present its own unique set of challenges. Superintendents are often the first responders to on-site issues, making their ability to solve problems a critical aspect of their role, swiftly and effectively.  

There are many different avenues to start your career as a Superintendent. Foundational knowledge can be obtained through a trade school or university while field experience is considered mandatory to be successful. Spending time in the field under the mentorship of a seasoned Superintendent offers an unparallel experience in learning to navigate the challenges of projects. Not to mention, this field experience also instills technical abilities, adaptability, and swift problem-solving skills to ensure confidence needed to be successful.  

No matter your level of experience, you can always add value to the project. We often find cross-mentorship happening in the field. While experienced Superintendents can mentor junior Supers on construction techniques, younger Superintendents often excel in construction technology and can mentor the seasoned Superintendents on effective use.  

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Building Strong Relationships & Field Safety Culture: A Cornerstone of Superintendent Success 

To become a successful Superintendent at Chesapeake, the ability to cultivate relationships is crucial. This involves fostering collaboration with internal teams and maintaining open lines of communication with trade partners and clients, all of which contribute to establishing a culture of trust and respect. 

Additionally, these relationships are crucial in ensuring safety on site. By fostering a trusting environment where teams and trade partners depend on one another, the likelihood of incidents decreases, leading to safer projects overall. Superintendents must prioritize safety more than anything else, ensuring that all workers are professionally trained, equipped, and following safety protocols. This includes conducting regular safety meetings, inspections, and audits to identify and address potential hazards before they escalate into incidents. 

Superintendents play a huge role in the safety culture here at Chesapeake. Given the inherent risks of fieldwork, their dedication to safety is critical in ensuring the well-being of everyone involved in the construction process. Successful Superintendents at Chesapeake understand that safety is not merely a priority; it is a vital element that must be considered in every aspect of project planning and execution.  

Hear From Our Superintendents

My position is very challenging as I have to constantly think and plan ahead not just for myself and what I need to accomplish but I have to plan for all the trades on the site. The job is also rewarding because if I am able to accomplish my tasks effectively, then the project will run smoothly.

Trevor Fidler  

I enjoy the challenge of the building process.  It's like a giant puzzle...figuring out what pieces go where and what works best.

Nate Heiner

Rewarding, challenging and inclusive. Project teams are engaged and passionate about their work and ALL add benefit to the project.

Denny Little

I love being in the field seeing a project progress and love meeting new people and the everyday interactions with everyone on the project from the subcontractors to the people on my project team.  It is rewarding to see the project completed after the hard work and long hours one has put into the project and to see how happy the owners are once the project is completed.

John Galaski
Conclusion: Chesapeake’s Unsung Heroes 

Superintendents are the unsung heroes of construction projects. Their multifaceted roles require a unique skill set, combining technical knowledge, leadership abilities, and effective communication. As we peer into the intricacies of their responsibilities, it becomes evident that Superintendents not only oversee the physical construction but also navigate the complex web of relationships among team members, subcontractors, and stakeholders. While their role is demanding, Superintendents appreciate the challenges and find the work incredibly rewarding.

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