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WIC Week 2024

March 8, 2024 | By Chesapeake Contracting Group | Women in Construction

Celebrating Women in Construction Week at Chesapeake

This week at Chesapeake marks a special celebration of Women in Construction, a time to honor and recognize the remarkable contributions of the talented women who play pivotal roles in the success of the company. Throughout the past month, associates have submitted nominations for various awards, highlighting the outstanding efforts and achievements of their female colleagues. Here's a glimpse of the exceptional women celebrated during this significant week:

Brandy Caldwell: The Unsung Hero Award

In a heartfelt acknowledgment, Brandy Caldwell, Chesapeake's Senior Project Accountant, emerges as the well-deserved recipient of the Unsung Hero Award. Colleagues say Brandy is the epitome of a hard worker—reliable, responsive, and proactive. Her dedication and tireless work ethic have positioned her as the quiet but formidable force behind the success of various projects.

Megan Blibaum: Rising Star Award

Chesapeake honors Megan Blibaum with the Rising Star Award. Megan's journey from intern to Project Manager within five years is a testament to her remarkable growth and commitment. Colleagues praise her unselfish nature, organizational prowess, and the ability to consistently deliver results that garner recognition from clients, trade partners, and fellow associates.

Alyssa Kane: Outstanding Leadership Award

Alyssa Kane, Estimating Director, steps into the spotlight as the recipient of the Outstanding Leadership Award. Beyond excelling in her role, Alyssa stands as the guiding force behind Chesapeake's Women of Construction employee resource group. Colleagues commend her unwavering commitment to providing support, mentorship, and creating a supportive community for women within the company.

Chelsea Vetick: Excellence in Health, Safety, and Wellness Award

Safety takes center stage as Chelsea Vetick, Chesapeake's dedicated Safety Manager, is honored with the Excellence in Health, Safety, and Wellness award. Described as an advocate and proponent of safety, Chelsea's passion extends to the well-being of both the company's team and its subcontractors. Her exceptional communication skills and inclusive approach shine through in her contributions to the Wellness Committee as well.

Robin MacEachern: Mentorship Award

Lastly, Chesapeake shines a spotlight on Robin MacEachern, the Technology & Training Support Manager, who has earned the well-deserved Mentorship Award. Robin's journey from Project Coordinator to a key figure in managing, standardizing, and training others reflects her dedication and growth within the company. Her exceptional organizational skills, clear communication, and remarkable leadership make her an exemplary mentor.

As Chesapeake celebrates these outstanding women, it underscores the diverse talents, leadership, and significant contributions that women continue to make in the construction industry. The company proudly stands behind its commitment to fostering an inclusive and thriving environment where every individual can excel and contribute to the industry's success.

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