Cabin John Village

Potomac, md
The Cabin John Village project consisted of sitework and facade renovations, including removal of the existing mansard roof, structure and canopy and painting of the canopy and brick. New fabric awnings and electrical work, along with decorative brick piers and new wall tile cladding were installed. The parking lot renovation included installation of new landscaping, site lighting and paving to the 1950s shopping center located in Potomac, Maryland.
Architectdci Architects
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BY UNDERSTANDING and honoring the rich history and vibrancy of Cabin John Village, EDENS’ redevelopment efforts are inspired by our evolving lifestyles— how we work, shop, engage and connect. EDENS enhancements to the property focus on people and the pedestrian experience. Through widened sidewalks, traffic calming, enhanced landscaping, newly created gathering places and smartly curated retail and restaurant offerings, we will continue to build upon Cabin John’s past and ensure that the community’s stories will be written for years to come.